My work has been published in BBC Future, the OregonianPortland MonthlyBustCivil Eats, Willamette WeekOregon Business, the ForwardModern Farmer, and more. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

The Bold and Controversial Plan to Drill Into a Supervolcano
BBC Future

The Secretive, Billionaire-Backed Plans to Harness Fusion
BBC Future

She Flies With Her Own Wings
Portland Monthly

Beyond the Kibbutz: A Jewish Farming Renaissance
Civil Eats

Review: Mimicking Birds, Eons
Wondering Sound

America's Hard Cider Boom Has One Problem: Not Enough Apples
Modern Farmer

Review: Theatre Vertigo, pool (no water)
The Oregonian

The c-store paradox
Oregon Business

Interview: Jonathan Franzen
Portland Monthly