Write-up roundup

Been under deadline for one story after another for basically a month straight, so haven’t had time to report on my reporting till now. A roundup:

- I wrote a little story about Portland/Las Vegas sex-worker support organization the Cupcake Girls for BUST. (Print only—the cover story is an interview with Dolly damn Parton, so it’s well worth picking up a copy.)

- I reviewed the agoraphilic new record from Isaac Brock scions Mimicking Birds over on Wondering Sound

- …And previewed the new, percussion-and-spoken-word album from Neal Morgan—who drums for Joanna Newsom and is as close as Portland music gets to a literally unique artist—for the Oregonian

- On the theater beat, I wrote about Profile Theatre’s production of Sam Shepard's Buried Childand Ira Glass’s Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host for the O. (Love Ira, loved Ira dancing, didn’t love Ira’s dance show.) 

- For Portland Monthly’s May issue—theme: “Reasons to Love Portland"—I profiled five Portlanders leading "double lives” to pursue their passions, from a roller-derby girl/social worker to a vegetarian chef/soccer entrepreneur…

- …And for the magazine’s June issue, I profiled Daniel Wilson, roboticist and author of the bestseller (and, hopefully, soon-to-be Spielberg movie) Robopocalypse.

- Over on the business desk, I wrote about one of Oregon’s largest and oldest mixed-recycling companies for Oregon Business—and learned that contamination (trash in the recycling), resulting in large part from Portland’s home-composting program, is mucking up the recycling business.

- Finally, I penned a small piece about local wallpaper-maker the Make House for the very pretty, very cool Australian magazine Smith Journal.  

More in the pipeline!