The Art Whisperer

I’m really excited to announce that my first piece for Oregon Business magazine is in this month’s issue. The story, about corporate art consultant Janelle Baglien, was a sort of perfect intersection of my arts-journalism experience with the magazine’s business focus. It also taught me that red typically “freaks people out.” Here’s the first couple grafs:

Janelle Baglien doesn’t simply let art hang on the wall and look pretty. She puts art to work. The founder and president of Studio Art Direct, a Portland-based corporate art firm, Baglien consults for developers and interior designers on incorporating works of art into new and remodeled projects. She is driven by the belief that art in the built environment should do more than beautify a space — it should serve the purpose of the business occupying that space.

“You create a story, a theme, through art and you match that with the goals of a business,” says Baglien, 51. “If you’re a financial institution, you’ve got people that are going to be writing you checks. They want to know who you are and what you believe in, and I think art is one way to reflect that.”

Read the rest at Oregon Business’s website.