PoMo Blog Roundup

In the past few weeks over on Portland Monthly’s arts-and-culture blog, I have…

talked to New York-via-Portland art-pop duo the Blow about pop music, their new album, and Lady Gaga. The Q&A was occasioned by their performance at the Time-Based Art Festival (which was funny in a characteristically smart, quirky way, if a little short on actual music), but they return to Portland for a show at the Doug Fir October 20.   

given mazel tov’s where mazel tov’s were due—to Portland Center Stage for its tasteful new production of Fiddler on the Roof

…and interviewed the acclaimed, notoriously dark writer A.M. Homes, appearing at Wordstock Saturday, about whether gender inequality in literature exists, what dick pics say about our sense of self, and why 9/11 made her writing more optimistic.