Mirah & more


Brooklyn-via-Portland lo-fi matriarch Mirah served as one of my introductions to independent music (and, unbeknownst to me, Northwest music), so it was truly exciting to get to interview her for the Jewish pop-culture site Jewcy about “doing the ‘woman’ thing,” the competing influence of Hebrew prayers and Stevie Wonder, and her grown-up new album, “Changing Light." 

Also exciting: Getting to go down to Eugene this spring and watch history in the making for this Portland Monthly story on how Oregon (finally) got gay marriage. The print version, combining Matty Newton’s awesome illustrations and my text, is well worth the cover price.

Lastly, I wrote my first story for Portland Business Journal, a piece about what happened after Vancouver, Washington marketing firm AHA! basically lost its biggest client. You need a subscription to read it online, but if you’ve got one, do click on over