Meat packers, should-be freaks, and sputtering motorsports


Slow month here at Frochtzwajg, Inc., but a few stories have trickled down the pipeline. 

I wrote another “Strategies” column for Portland Business Journal, this one about local meat distributor Nicky USA. The company, which supplies specialty meats to many of the star chefs of the city’s food scene, is expanding in a few directions, including a retail line through New Seasons. (The story’s behind a paywall for, I believe, a few more weeks.)

I also wrote another review for the wonderful Wondering Sound, on waiting for Portland-via-San-Diego’s Castanets to finally let his freak flag fly

Lastly, I penned this dispatch from Portland International Raceway, where aging participants and a shrinking middle class are throwing the publicly owned track’s future into question.