Control Voltage boosts the synth in Portland's mix

A few months ago, my friend Chris tipped me off about about a newish shop on Mississippi, Control Voltage, devoted exclusively to electronic-music equipment. He and a friend, he said, had spent hours in the store, playing—and “playing” really is the right word here—with synthesizers, drum machines, and theremins.

I don’t know thing one about music gear, but I was intrigued. I visited the store, did some playing of my own—theremins are fun!—and chatted with the shop’s super-friendly owner, Jason Kramer, from whom I learned that Control Voltage is one of only a handful of stores in the country given over entirely to electronic-music equipment.

I knew there was a story there, and, in last Sunday's Oregonian, that story finally saw daylight. I wholeheartedly recommend reading it, then heading over to the shop for your own tinkering session.